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Once a couple starts thinking about having children, dreaming about potential names is sure to follow. Will she look like a Grace? Should we call him William or Billy? Gather inspiration from our collection of unique baby names easily sorted by gender and interest.

Our Baby Name Generator highlights popular, biblical, vintage, hipster and celebrity names curated with exciting information about each name’s meaning and place of origin.

Browse ideas for boys, girls or select random options and the Baby Name Generator will suggest a unique first name and middle name. Personalize baby name suggestions with details such as your last name or by narrowing results to a specific type of name.

Top 10 Baby Name List of 2021

Following are the list of both boys names and Girls names of 2021.

Baby Boy Names

Sr. NoNameMeaning
1AadiAdornment, Beginning, Perfect, Most important, Ornament, Unequalled, First
3BalveerImmense Strength or Powerful
5DakshCapable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent, Vigorous talented
7Farasmount, a horse used for riding
8GauravHonor or Pride or Respect or Prestige
9JainewConqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious
10NachiketThe spirit that gives the unquenchable thirst for the unknown, fire, that which is unperceived

Baby Girl Names

Sr. NoNameMeaning
1AaliaExcellent, Highest social standing, Tall, Towering
2AnanyaGoddess Parvati, Matchless, Unique, Different from others, Charming
3ChanchalActive or Goddess Laxmi
5HeenaA Sensuous, Beautiful Woman
7JeevikaRiver narmada
8ShreyaGoddess Lakshmi, Auspicious, Luster, Prosperity, Pratham, Shrestha, Beauty, Grace, Power, Brilliance
9OniLord Of Goodness
10RiyaRich or from hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer

How baby name generator tool work?

It’s challenging to find the right baby name. Even when you have a long list of names you like, you still may not be able to uncover your one perfect choice.

NGenerators designed to be easy to use baby name generator tool. But if you’re stuck, here’s a step-by-step guide to using our tool:

  • Step 1: Find the Baby Name Generator tool Place at the top of the page.

  • Step 2: Select Origin as per your country or keep it random.

  • Step 3: Next, Select Gender or keep it random to generate both boys and girls names.

  • Step 4: Choose Additional options like Initial letter and Quantity for more sorting of names.

  • Step 5: Click on the “Generate Baby Names” button, and you will quickly get six unique and cute American names.

Thinking Of Creative Ways For A Unique Baby Name

Giving the child a unique name by combining the parent’s names is a trend among new parents currently.

  • Try saying the names aloud and repeat to check how they sound.

  • Concentrate on how the name is ringing to your ear. You can select the name accordingly.

  • You can also play around by finding acronyms for the names and maybe, you will discover a nickname.

  • You do not want your child to be angry with you for picking a silly or embarrassing name for them. So try and edit the name as much as possible to come up with an interesting name for your child.